Project 2010

A Chance for Zimbabwe - Project 2010

The first social responsibility tournament for the Volkswagen Junior World Masters was held at Rufaro Stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe during February 2010. Eight regional teams from all over Zimbabwe participated. A selection of 16 players was chosen from all eight participating teams. This selection of players represented Zimbabwe at the Volkswagen Junior World Masters 2010 in Madrid, Spain. The team was led and accompanied by former Zimbabwean footballers Edzai Kasinauyo and Peter Ndlovu. The Zimbabwean team did not progress beyond the first round of the tournament but did beat the Italian team 2-0. All the children who participated in the tournament were entered into a Volkswagen AG sponsored school scholarship program for the next three years. The children are currently playing football at their schools with extra training taking place at Edzai Kasinauyo’s Harare FC.