About the tournament

The Volkswagen Junior Masters is one of the largest youth football tournaments worldwide, and is currently held in more than 20 countries.
Under 13 Boys are eligible for participation, which is referred to as the D-Juniors or U13 age group in most countries. This means that at the time of the World Finals they must not be older than 13 years of age!

The regional formats of the tournament vary from country to country, with some countries' tournaments consisting of a one day event with 6-8 teams participating up to 400 teams participating in a whole series of qualifying tournaments from September until April, leading up to a grand final.

In Germany the competition follows DFB (German Football Association) age group regulations and is held with 9 players on a shorter pitch with smaller goalposts. 2016 will be the first time that the international tournament also follow the German and most of the other participating country reglementation.

The duration of a match varies from country to country, and is individually fixed by the regional organizing committee. The general match and tournament rules follow the international regulations stipulated by FIFA, and the specific sanctioned rules of the tournament host country.

The national champion of a country can qualify for the international Volkswagen Junior World Masters which takes place every second year, next time it will be in May 2016 in Paris.